Who Was Valentine?

Valentine Bali Couples RetreatOur story takes place in the third century AD. It was a time of war and conquest.The Roman emperor, Claudius II, decreed that soldiers were not allowed to wed. He believed that men who married were less inclined to fight his battles.

Claudius believed in war. Valentine believed in love.

Valentine was a Roman priest. He snubbed the emperor and his edict against marriage. Valentine saw relationship as sacred. When he met a Roman soldier who wished to wed, he would happily perform the wedding vows.

He wore an amethyst ring with a cupid engraved in it. His reputation spread among the soldiers. When they saw this ring, they knew they were in the presence of the man who could provide their wedding ceremony.

Alas, eventually, Valentine was seized by the emperor’s guards and sentenced to death. Valentine was jailed, awaiting his sentence be carried out. It was there that he would experience the type of love that he had given his life to promote and protect.

Valentine was jailed, awaiting his impending death. It was there that he would experience the type of love that he had given his life to promote and protect.

In jail, Valentine met the jailer’s blind daughter. Valentine prayed for her to be healed. Her sight was restored. Her eyes opened. Valentine’s heart opened. They fell in love.

As one of his final acts, Valentine penned a love letter to her, signing it “Your Valentine.” With her restored sight, she was able to read the words from the man who loved her.

On February 14th, Valentine was put to death, but the story of their love lives on.

Some claim this story is not historically accurate. Some claim it is the combining of two historical characters named Valentine. I’m not a historian. Even if I was, I wouldn’t know the full truth about St. Valentine.

The story that I’ve recounted may be true, may be false, or may be the merging of two different characters. The story has certainly shifted over the years, and it will continue to evolve.

So it goes with love and relationship.

In love and relationship, two people come together to create a new story. Each brings his or her perspective and unique gifts. Each individual within the relationship continues to evolve and grow, and so the relationship must grow and evolve as well.

The steamy passion of young love gives way to something different, something more mature, and in many cases more rewarding.

You and your partner must find your own way—your own story—of how to to nurture the evolution of your love. Through this journey of love, you and your partner learn and grow in new and exciting ways.

This process is exciting, challenging, rewarding and sacred. You and your partner are not alone in this process.

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