Mindfulness Exercise for Couples

Mindfulness exercise for couplesThis is a mindfulness exercise for couples that will help you and your partner increase intimacy.

Sometimes you grow closer to a our partner when you take a few steps away from them. In this exercise, you will do just that.

One of you can read the instructions during the exercise or you can have someone read them for you.

To begin this mindfulness exercise for couples, stand back-to-back in the middle of the room. Simply stand there with your backs touching. Breathe. Notice what it feels like to stand back to back with your partner. Notice what thoughts arise within you.

After a few minutes of standing back-to-back, both partners take one step forward (away from one another). Stand in this new place for one minute and notice what you feel. Observe what you feel in your body. Notice what arises for you in this new position. Pay particular attention to your back–that area that was touching your partner’s back a moment ago. What sensation is there? Whatever you feel is ok. Simply acknowledge what you are feeling in your body in this moment.

After a mindful pause in this new position, repeat this step three more times. You’ll step one step further away from your partner and your partner will do the same. In each new location, pause to notice what is going on inside of you. What thoughts arise? What sensations arise? What memories surface?

Following these four mindful steps and pauses away from your partner, turn and face one another. Notice if anything shifts within you when you turn to face your partner. Notice what arises.

After a mindful pause while facing one another, take one step toward each other and notice what happens in your body as you do that. Pause to feel this and acknowledge it. Remember that whatever arises within you during this exercise is ok.

Repeat these mindful steps and pauses toward your partner until the two of you are standing chest to chest. Notice what you feel in your body. Remember that all feelings, emotions, and sensations are welcome. Pause to feel them and acknowledge them. Notice what it feels like to stand in such close proximity to your partner.

Following the Mindfulness Exercise

This exercise can stir powerful feelings and emotions. It can help you to see where you might have walls built up and where you might be vulnerable.

After this exercise, you and your partner might want to take a few minutes to journal some of your personal responses to this exercise. I find that freeform writing works well to capture the feelings, emotions, and sensations that arose. Others prefer to draw something that arose for them. Do what feels right for you.

When you feel comfortable, it is important to share a few minutes with your partner talking about this exercise. Share what you feel comfortable sharing. Know that as you share with vulnerability, this increases your intimacy. Notice what level of vulnerability you are comfortable with, and share to that point.