Couple Meditation

couple-meditationCouple meditation is a simple and powerful way to relax together, to form a more secure bond, and to stop fighting and arguing with your partner. A lot of couples come to me looking for ways to stop fighting. We find that couple meditation is one of the most effective tools to help people in a relationship keep their cool when they are in conflict.

A lot of people think that meditating is only done on your own. It is true that meditation is an incredibly personal experience and it is a great way to become present and to become aware of the subtle cues you are receiving within your body. Couple meditation brings your breathing into alignment with your partner’s and allows you to become receptive and responsive to the subtle cues you are receiving from your partner. Basically, it helps you get tuned in to your partner and his or her needs. It also helps your partner get tuned in with you.

Couple meditation is also great for people who are learning to develop a meditation practice. In couple meditation, you can support each other in your personal and couple meditation practices. I find that couples that support each other in the meditation practices are more successful at sustaining a meditation practice.

How to Practice Couple Meditation

Here is a simple exercise to help you learn to practice couple meditation.

Sit cross-legged facing your partner so that your knees are touching. Try as much as possible to keep your back straight during this meditation. This allows you to breath openly and it makes you more receptive to the flow of subtle energy within your body.

Place your hands on your knees. One of your palms should be facing up, with your partner’s palm facing down atop it. Your other palm should be facing down, atop the upward facing palm of your partner.

Breathe. Allow your breath to flow naturally. You’ll likely notice after a few moments that your breathing has come into a alignment. This is very good thing. This brings the two of you to a place of receptivity.

An important part of couple meditation is learning to simply be together. Don’t try to force anything, simply be. As the two of you allow for these moments of quiet stillness, you’ll notice an increase in compassion and an increase in presence in your relationship.

Try this couple meditation with your partner today. Be patient with it. Try it for five or ten minutes and see where it takes you. As you become more advanced with couple meditation, you’ll be able to begin bringing your awareness to different parts of your experience.

When you are new to couple meditation, simply breathe. Allow your breath to carry you and your partner. Don’t try to change anything. Simply be with what is present.

If you’d like to try a free guided couple meditation, click here.