Connect with Your Partner – Go for a Walk

connect with your partnerThis morning I made breakfast for the kids and got their lunches ready for school. As we were getting ready to get them out the door, I was already looking forward to getting some work done. I could feel the gears shifting in my mind. I had articles I wanted to write, newsletters to create, and retreats to plan.

Before she walked out the door to take the kids to school, Lindsey turned and asked, “Do you want to go for a walk when I get back?

My face said much more than my mouth could have. I didn’t want to go for a walk. I had other things I wanted to accomplish.

But something inside me whispered. Some part inside of me heard the whisper.

I agreed to be ready to go for a walk when she got back.

We walked across the street to a path that meanders beside a river gorge. There we were surrounded by nature. Trees, flowers, and vines lined our path as we walked and talked.

Lindsey and I talk a lot. We are blessed to get to spend a lot of time together. But going for this walk this morning, brought us closer together.

There is something about fresh air and spending time in nature. Nature has a way of opening up parts of us that have been closed. Without saying a word, nature has a way of teaching us. Two butterflies danced in front of us as we walked. I couldn’t help but pause and watch their merry way of flitting about in the morning sunshine.

Coming around a bend, I saw the river far below us. The river looked calm and serene. Its slow and steady pace reminded me that its consistent flow through the centuries has carved this magnificent valley.

It felt so good to move my body. It is easy for me to get stuck in a routine of sitting all day. My work with clients is often done while seated. My writing is done while I am seated. Taking a walk with Lindsey helped me realize how important it is for me to stand up and to move. Moving gets the blood flowing. It gets the heart beating. It gets the lungs breathing.

Lindsey and I were able to talk about issues that are coming up for us. We are wandering what is best for our children right now. We are wondering how best to parent and how to improve our relationship.

Being out in nature and moving our bodies provided an awesome way for us to connect on these issues. I hadn’t wanted to go on the walk. But in the end, after I was really glad I did. I felt closer to my wife. I felt closer to nature. I felt closer to myself. It is something that Lindsey and I are going to turn into a ritual.

Connect with Your Partner

I encourage you and your partner to find 30 minutes to go for a walk. You’ll connect with each other. You’ll realize how nice it is to clear your head and to get fresh air together. Being out of the house can give you and your partner a fresh perspective on the big and small issues in your relationship. Taking a walk together can be a powerful way to strengthen your friendship, which is the core of your relationship.

Try it. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Notice what flowers are in bloom. Smile at your neighbors. Hold hands. Breathe. Love.