20 Quick Meditation Tips

meditation tipsToday I’m going to share 20 quick meditation tips. I talk with a lot of people who don’t know how to meditate. They worry about not being able to do it right. A lot of people have tried meditation and felt like they just couldn’t clear their minds. I remember when I was new to meditation and I was grateful for all the meditation tips I received.

As you follow these meditation tips, you’ll find that meditation can be a rewarding experience that relieves stress and brings you closer to your partner.

1. Find a Quiet Space

Before you meditate, create a quiet space. Turn off your phone, remove distractions. Create a comfortable space where you can simply be, without having to worry about anything.

2. Sit

Take a seat. You can sit on the floor, on a cushion, or on a a chair. It doesn’t matter if you cross your legs while seated on the floor. When meditating, the most important thing about the way you sit is that you be able to feel where your rear-end makes contact with the seat and that you are able to breathe.

3. Set an Intention

As you sit to meditate, set an intention. An intention is the reason behind your meditation. It is the purpose. You can set an intention of loving your partner more. You can set an intention of acceptance. You can set an intention for world peace. By setting an intention, you set at motion unseen forces within your mind and your heart.

4. Breathe

If you are wondering how to meditate, this is the most important meditation tip anyone can tell you: breathe. Allow your breath to carry you. Allow your breath to bring you to this moment. When you are aware of your breath, you are aware of where you are right now.

5. Breathe (Yes, this appears twice in my meditation tips)

Paying attention to your breath is so important, it shows up twice in the list of meditation tips. I really mean it. Simply taking a moment at any time throughout the day to feel your breath and to be aware of the sensations of your breathing will help you tune in with the present moment. Practicing this will make your meditation practice more powerful and will make you more present to your partner.

6. Let Go

You’re carrying a lot. You carry expectations. You carry worries. Let go. As you meditate, let them flow out of you. As you exhale, let them go. As you exhale, release your thoughts.

7. Have a Supportive Partner

I’m grateful I have a supportive partner who helps me set aside time to meditate and practice yoga. We support each other in our meditation practice and we share meditation tips. When we are both practicing, I find that we are closer than ever. Your relationship with your partner will benefit as you both take the time to support each other in establishing and meditation practice. You’ll fight less. You’ll love more. You’ll develop systems for removing the blocks between the two of you. Try meditating with your partner. This is one of the underrated tips for meditation. Many of us think that meditation is all about the individual, but we forget how important each individual’s presence is in the relationship.

8. Follow a Guided Meditation

When I was first learning how to meditate, I followed guided meditations. Guided meditations are full of meditation tips. They’re great for reminding you to pay attention to your breath and to try different ways of directing your attention. If you’d like to try a free guided meditation that is specifically designed for couples, click here.

9. Smile

Meditation doesn’t have to be so serious. Be open to what is there. Smile. Laugh. Giggle. Have fun with it.

10. Focus on What You Are Grateful For

When you meditate allow yourself to feel what you are grateful for. Let this feeling of gratitude fill you. Feel it wherever and however it is you feel gratitude.

11. Keep Your Back Straight

Keep your back straight. This is one of the most important meditation tips. Keeping your back straight allows your chest to be open so you can breathe freely and openly. Keeping your back straight allows you to be strong and filled with energy. If you slouch, you’ll find that your energy gets drained. When you’re learning how to meditate, you might find that keeping your back straight requires some work. Practice it and be kind to yourself.

12. Try Walking Meditation

You don’t have to be sitting to meditate. Try a walking meditation. Keep your attention on your breath as you walk. It is a great way to train your mind to ignore distractions and attune with your body. Walking meditation can be done anywhere. I once spent two hours in the Taipei airport, meditating as I walked up and down the long terminal during a layover in transit from Bali to San Francisco.

13. Relax Your Jaw

Take a moment right now to relax your jaw. By simply letting go of the tension that builds up in your jaw you can experience big shifts within your body. The jaw is an indicator of stress levels in the body. Relax your jaw; relax your body.

14. Meditate in Nature

Meditating in nature is a powerful way to find stillness. Nature is an amazing teacher. The trees, the flowers, and the seasons can all be teachers. The songs of birds are a beautiful melody by which to meditate. If you’d like an example on how to meditate, just look at a tree. The tree remains still and breathes. Nature is full of meditation tips. Look around and see how quiet nature can be.

15. Accept Everything As it Is

During meditation, a lot will arise. You’ll find that when you are here with this present moment, you will get to see a lot the feelings within you that usually get pushed aside. Accept these feelings. Accept the fact that your mind will want to stir up more thoughts. One of the most important tips for meditation is to accept what arises. Don’t try to push thoughts away. Accept them and release them.

16. Reward Yourself for the Time Spent Meditating

Show yourself some gratitude for creating the time to meditate. Know that you aren’t wasting time.

17. Start with Small Amounts of Time

If you’re new to meditation, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to begin meditating for an hour or two at a time. Start small. Set aside five minutes for meditation. Set aside 15 or 20 minutes for meditation. As you find yourself comfortable with these amounts of time, begin to stretch it further.

18. Eat Light Foods

Eating light foods will really help your meditation practice. Heavy foods will make you feel sluggish and sleepy when meditating.

19. Meditate Early in the Morning

One of the best meditation tips is to meditate early in the morning. There is something special about the quiet, early morning hours. There is less distraction and you are still closer to the dreamland area of the subconscious. Creating a routine of early morning meditation can be challenging but it is well worth the discipline it will take.

20. Do It Right Now

There is no time like the present to try meditation. This is one of the most useful meditation tips that I ever received. Do it right now. Try for a couple minutes. You’ll never learn how to meditate if you don’t start meditating at some point. Right now might be the best moment you ever have to begin a meditation practice. Take a minute to breathe and see what it feels like.